•  BHP Billiton (BHP)

  • Queensland Investment Corporation (QIC)

  • Rondo Building Services

  • Unitywater

  • Ashburton Aboriginal Corporation 

  • Anteo Diagnostics

  • Queensland Department of Environment, Heritage and Protection


"I have worked with Heather on a number of projects over the last 5 years.  Heather brings incredible enthusiasm to everything she does, with enormous energy and a real passion for commercialising environmental and sustainability improvements to business operations.  Heather has a diverse network of high profile colleagues in the alternative energy and sustainability space to complement her own experience.  With an open and engaging personality and a strong will to succeed, Heather has a natural ability to enroll others where required to maintain momentum in overcoming issues where others may fail."

Craig Mehrtens

"Heather is one of the most talented executives I've ever worked with. She has boundless energy, infectious enthusiasm and a talent for getting things done. Heather combines world class networking skills with acute intelligence and commercial nous. Her experience in fuels, alternative energy and mining is second to none in Australia and is an enormous asset. Heather isn't shy to challenge the status quo and innovate and thrives in strategic thinking and a talent for turning strategy into action." Alistair Swanson, Executive General Manager, Otraco International

"I have had the great pleasure of working with Heather over the past several years and during this time I have found Heather to be an executive with immense talent, a passion for sustainability and the environment, a clear focus on her goals and a level of passion and energy to be envied. Heather is strategic, persistent and has a highly developed ability to leverage her network and possesses excellent stakeholder management skills. I would highly recommend Heather to deliver results in a collaborative and effective manner." Mark Johannessen, Group Risk Manager, Downer EDI Mining

"I have worked with Heather over a number of years and Heather always approached me with innovative and strategic projects. Heather thinks creatively and actively seeks out feedback and support for her ideas. She is committed to seeing an idea grow and is personal in her approach to discuss, review, consider and revise business plans. Heather never 'settles' and is always looking to improve and develop. Heather takes on board feedback and genuinely looks to address any issues or concerns. Her determination and persistence will see her deliver big projects." Leah Stangle, Senior Legal Counsel, Downer EDI Mining