Alternative Fuels and Renewable Energy

The use of alternative fuels and renewable energy can be a beneficial step for business, particularly for operations that are fuel or energy intensive:

  • Maximise your assets and energy efficiency

  • Reduce your carbon footprint and emissions profile

  • Create first mover advantage against your competitors and increase utilization and yield of plant and equipment

RebusJ can guide an organization or a project team through the myriad of options – whether it be biodiesel or ethanol, syngas or pyrolysis, solar, wind, waste to energy, or geothermal.

Perhaps rethink a value proposition in partnership with other companies. 

Or look at grant funding or broader sustainability schemes. 

RebusJ can devise novel ways of capturing revenues and delivering services by thinking outside the box and challenging existing paradigms.

Waste to Energy

Energy from waste and recyclable materials is the process of generating energy, heat or fuels such as oils, methane, ethanol and synthetic fuels from waste materials.  Some of these technologies use combustion – other new and emerging technologies are able to produce energy without direct combustion and many of these technologies have the potential to produce better fuel outcomes from the same sources of waste.  These technologies include pyrolysis, anaerobic digestion, fermentation, gasification and thermal depolymerisation.
RebusJ has been immersed in these industries for many years and can guide businesses to the technology that will best suit them.

Grant Applications

RebusJ is able to assist you in researching, compiling and writing your grant or funding application, particularly in relation to renewable energy, alternative fuels, waste to energy and energy efficiency.

A professionally compiled and commercially astute business case takes time and effort to compose – but will inevitably be more positively received by Federal and State agencies and thus will more likely result in the success of the application.

Work with an experienced expert who has intimate knowledge of the process and experience in successful proposals.

Sustainability Reporting

An effective sustainability report is a key platform for a business to communicate performance and impacts – whether positive or negative.  It is a powerful tool by which a business can communicate with stakeholders and the wider public, focusing on environmental social governance (ESG), triple bottom line (TBL) and corporate social responsibility (CSR).

RebusJ can balance a comprehensive account of impacts and performance with the needs of a company in promoting compliance without ‘green washing’ or spin.

We can work with you to appeal to a diverse stakeholder group, using different channels and media.

HAZOP / Risk Facilitation and Workshops

Qualified HAZOP leaders provide you with advice, coordination and facilitation during planning, construction and operational phases.

RebusJ assist in specific risk assessment workshops to identify hazards and operability, put control measures in place and identify innovative opportunities in safety management, energy efficiency and alternative fuels.

Risk management plans and facilitated workshops are a unique service, particularly the development of water risk management plans for hospitals, aged care facilities and large water users to meet legislated requirements under various state Health Acts.

Sustainability Standards

Increasingly consumers are demanding compliance to sustainability standards and companies are adopting third party assessed norms and standards relating to environmental, social, ethical and safety issues.  Standards and certification tools are proliferating as the major tool for global production and trade to become more sustainable and for the private sector to demonstrate sustainability leadership, so it is essential that legitimate initiatives are used by businesses.
With deep experience developing sustainability standards for industry in Australia, RebusJ can assist you with standards development, progress and auditing.

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